Saturday, May 10, 2014

Repairing the FS-R6B Rx

I had  spare FS-CT6B radio with myself if anything happens to my Spektrum Dx6i.
But when I was trying to make a RC controlled robot using Arduino ,I accidently connected the powersupply to the Rx in the reverse polarity and damaged the Rx.

I was sure that the regulator(LDO) might be the only thing damaged inside the Rx.So I decided to take apart the Rx and diagnose what is the problem.
Damaged Rx

Remove the screws

The PCB and case

Bare PCB - no visible damages

Connected a 5V supply from a BEC and checked the output of the LDO,but it was just 1.21V instead of 3.3V

Now it is confirmed that the LDO is the problem.Now looking at its part number and its datasheet for Pinout.
The LDO is CA33

The datasheet on the internet
The LDO was originally a 3.3 V regulator capable of delivering upto 300mA.Searching for replacements ,I came across the AMS1117-3.3 that I had in my components box.Compared the Pinouts and spec.
The AMS1117 was capable of delivering upto 1A .Its huge when compared to the 0.3A of CA33
Comparing the datasheets

Comparison of the packages

Made a small breakout board for the AMS1117

Connect the AMS1117 to PCB and turn ON power

It works

To make the AMS1117 fit inside the case ,cut the tab on the top of AMS1117

Desoldering SMD components is a hell of a job without SMS rework station
Just cut the legs and pry it

The IC removed 

A clean removal of the CA33

Now attach the AMS1117 in the place of CA33

Testing -It works

'Use hot glue to keep the AMS1117 in place

Put together the case and PCB 
Another Test - working great

Vola! Saves Rs.600 by a Rs.15 replacement and some 15mins time.


  1. sir my capacitor is damaged and mothor board conection silicon wire is tottaly damaged by my self how can i add on reciver a capacitor...

    1. which is the capacitor? os it the two yellow box thing next to the connector?
      if so, i think i've burnt both capacitors and lost the SOT 89.

  2. My reciever burnt out the yellow parts
    Got blown of .what to do

  3. Hie my transmitter same as yours its not connecting to the receiver

  4. sir what if the led only blinks once and stops what may be the problem please?

  5. Sir please help me iam accidentally connected 7v above in +ve pin of the receiver. And I hear the sound ""toppp'" 😢I am remove the wire then iam connected to 5v then control the servo it's not working. iam give 5v to the board and power on transmitter that receiver board connect well (noticed by the led on in receiver) but the servo the signal pins not working what can I don please help me bro waiting for ur reply❤️